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Found French began as, and still really is a personal project of mine that I started in early 2012 to enhance my own understanding of the French language. I started by collecting expressions that I had stumbled upon in books or had heard in movies. Many of these expressions, strange turns of phrases and words were things that I had never heard my professors say [aloud]. These finds began as a private collection, but I one day decided to share them with you. I hope that you’ll find some of them useful.

Calling French the “language of love” puts a constraint on the language’s full range of color. It’s the language of pretty much anything you want it to be and that which l’Académie Française would sometimes rather it not be. I have since begun trying my hand at explaining some grammatical concepts that I see most learners struggling with. Why struggle as much when I’ve already done most of that for you? Thanks for stopping by.

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