faire une confidence à quelqu’un

faire une confidence à quelqu’un – confide in [sb], tell [sb] a secret

Loosely translated:

— Tu veux que je te fasse une confidence ? Moi, si j’avais eu 13 ans dans cette colo (colonie de vacances = summer camp), bah, j’aurais bien aimé sortir avec toi.
— Can I share [something / a secret] with you? If I had been here at this camp with you at the age of 13, well, I [am sure]  that I would have liked to go out with you.

— C’est vrai ?
— Is that so?

— Oui.
— Yes.

— Tu dis ça pour me faire plaisir.
— You’re just saying that to make me happy.

— Bah non, je suis très sérieuse.
— No, I’m very serious.

— [Ne] le prends pas mal, Nadine, mais moi, je pense pas que j’aurais accepté.
— Don’t take this the wrong way, Nadine, but I don’t think that I would have accepted.



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Several million documents including books placed online by the Association des amis de la Bibliothèque nationale de France

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I came across this website by accident, and, among other things, it’s quite a goldmine of French literature that has been scanned and placed online by l’Association des amis de la Bibliothèque nationale de France. I thought that I’d pass it on to you.


Screenshot 2016-01-18 12.43.04http://gallica.bnf.fr/

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