Found Words and Expressions

Tu ne penses qu’à ça.

  ☟ “That’s all you think about.” / “You have a dirty mind.”

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Elle me flic !

Un flic is slang for un policier—a police officer. Here it’s used as a verb and suggests that someone is eyeing you closely.      

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Ça me le fait aussi.

That happens to me, too.   Variation: “Ça m’arrive aussi.”

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chanter faux

to sing out of tune “Ma sœur, elle chante faux. C’est horrible !” “My sister sings out of tune. It’s horrible.”

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s’être fait avoir

to fall for / to be had / to be taken in ☟ Je me suis fait avoir par le vendeur. I was taken in by the salesman.

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Dégage !

Beat it. Go away! Get lost! Get away from here. Scram! Leave! Be gone!

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Enculé !

“Eff-ing arsehole”, so to speak.

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Pigé ?

Is that clear? Savvy? Understood? Got it?

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une ribambelle

a ton, a heap, a bunch Cette femme avait une ribambelle d’amants. That woman had a bunch of lovers.

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Sa tête ne me revient pas.

I don’t like the look of him/her.

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